When you have non-safe sex, you are in danger

When you have non-safe sex, you are in danger

i’d unsafe sex using my boyfriend eventually ahead of my several months began. Couple of blood is actually future that night but not much, then it eliminated. should i become pregnant? yras anon701

i got intercourse that have a lady following the big date her menstrual period ended. how is it possible for her to conceive? neneng

i’d unsafe sex in my second day’s intervals and you may i’m from inside the significant bleeding the period. Would you will find a possibility to become pregnant? anon696

I have been bringing Microgestin 21 Fe for almost a year now and i never have had people complications with they. The final three months, I’ve been taking my several months within the next week and you may beyond the fourth. We have overlooked that tablet and that was one month back. I have attempted to be in with my doctor but she is really hectic. Do i need to keep in touch with my pharmacist? One guidance or input is actually desired. amypollick 19 occasions in the past

Roy, sure she could well be expecting. Once more, with feeling: while the it’s likely that indeed reduced throughout the a woman’s period, a woman gets the potential to become pregnant when. By using defense, the probability wade way down. If you wish to avoid the exposure entirely, do not have intercourse. Once again, it’s not throughout the morals, merely biology. It is a threat. anon69338 20 occasions ago

I simply turned into fifteen and you will my boyfriend and that i had sex to your second day’s my personal months and today i have not obtained my period inside the for example thirty day period

I’d sex with my wife whenever you are she are having their months. It was 2 days during the girl months course. I squirt aside rather than sure if leftover specific in her own. She is designed to provides the girl several months very early of your own month and till now, no sign of it. Normally she conceive? Roy anon69195 past

myself and you can my date got intercourse when i was to my months. In any event he went to the myself and you will failed to pull out whatsoever. Will there be a high probability i can end up being expecting? If that’s the case, exactly what are the chance? anon690

Unclear however it only lasted three days and you will me and you can my boyfriend was indeed with unprotected sex

me personally and you will my personal sweetheart got unsafe sex. i’m into the a normal sorts of contraceptive that we accept day day-after-day. the guy don’t sign up for and you will ejaculated when you look at the myself, can there be a chance i am able to become expecting? otherwise do the fresh new birth-control stop they? anon690

I just had an excellent DC regarding the four to five weeks hence and only history few days We experience the fresh new recovering hemorrhaging, and so i guess that try a period. So could i become expecting again? Someone excite assist me https://datingranking.net/kink-dating/! anon683

I’m toward tablet but me and you will my good friend had intercourse and he ejaculated from inside the me personally in advance of i took my contraceptive tablet. ought i still finish prego? anon676

myself and you can my hubby had dental intercourse on my 20th day away from my years. we are trying to possess a child. Will it connect with my maternity? Delight tell me. devis

i experienced unprotected sex with my sweetheart in which he eliminated when cum was in fact about to emerge. this is from the month off . then i had regular symptoms right up until the month of january. my personal several months are supposed to get real March eleven but still we have maybe not had my personal several months. do you really tell me whether or not i’m expecting or perhaps not? i got a pregnancy shot yesterday and it is actually bad. Excite, delight. It’s very immediate. Respond to delight. anon662

i had non-safe sex on next day of my personal period. can i nonetheless become pregnant? Delight tell me. i need a response instantaneously! Excite! anon657

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